She is a Transformational coach, a practitioner of aesthetics, an International Dance Meditation Healer, yoga therapist, performing artiste.

Capt. Sumisha is the founder of Antardhwani- The Inner Resonance.

Q1. From an Army Officer to an organic dance therapist, how did change happen ?

I stepped out of the Army to become a classical dancer. I have always been a performer and an on-stage person. I utilised the dance movement and PSP theatre and expression in my work with inmates. I saw them transforming before me in terms of their attitude. And that was one triggering point. Second, I had a back injury that had been lingeringsince my army training days, and it paused my classical dancing for a year. During the one year of uprooting, I found a new voice. Then, I started moving towards the dancing without pressure without any performance pressure. That is how the entire dance, as meditative, turned around and came to me. And then, I studied art-based therapy, where art becomes a tool for your inner personal transformation, like our perceptions about ourselves. Later, I studied
classical yoga form and researched movement with rhythm.

Q2. Tell us something about organic dance therapy?

People are very conscious of dancing. But our body requires those natural movements. Our brain is naturally trained to know groove on the beats of music, and the beats of rhythm, that’s where we can see children, you know, really dancing without any inhibition. That dancing without any pressure leads to positive changes in the brain.

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Q3. Who is organic dance therapy targeted towards? All over the world, dance moves as medicine is being considered the new future of treatment. Adults and kids have dystonia, where their motor skills go for a toss. Such individuals are being trained through dance movements. It is also showing great results in de-addiction processes from alcohol & substance abuse. This movement helps in rewiring your brain. So, the neurological process of rhythm or moving your body is very healing because it goes on to change our perception. Q4. Can organic dance therapy be helpful for entrepreneurs? Yes, of course, dance meditation can be very healing for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have to make a lot of decisions. So you will need a place where you can completely de-stress. You need to cut the stress cycles. Second, entrepreneurs have to make a lot of visualisations, a lot of decisions. So, creative movements really helps to come into a state of flow and give them new ideas and clear roadblocks. So, for entrepreneurs, it is very important and one can move their bodies and one can do a moving meditation in, in isolation or with two people or with five people, it just generates a lot of joy. So yes, it is highly recommended for entrepreneurs. Q5. What is the acceptability of organic dance therapy in relation to the other forms of established therapy? Right now, I can say, movements and meditation are gaining traction, and that is what I am working on to make it acceptable.