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P Venkat Ram Handball Coach, Indian Railways

Venkat Ram headed Indian Railway Team During Pune National Games 1993. Under his captaincy, the team bagged a bronze medal.

Turning Non-Popular Sport into Successful Career option Indian Railways Handball Coach

An inspiring journey of the man who was instrumental in making the Indian Railways National Handball Champion. P Venkat Ram is the coach for the Indian Railways Team and the South Central Railways teams. He holds the unique distinction for being the coach of both Men’s and Women’s Handball teams. Under his guidance the women’s team have champions from 2006-2019.

He is a qualified N.I.S Coach. He has done his Health and Fitness diploma from Patiala. He is a qualified ‘A’ grade referee where he was officiated at different levels. His employed with South Central Railways as a Reservation Supervisor based in Secunderabad.

Tell us about Handball as a sport

Handball is the 2nd Fastest game after Ice Hockey. It was introduced as a Sport in the year 1910 by Germany. Amsterdam in 1928, founded the International Amateur Handball Federation (IAHF), in a very short period of time, they managed to introduce Handball at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin with Six Men’s teams. Organised world Championships were held outdoors and indoors, but Indoor Handball soon became a real competitor for Handball. However, with its speed, variety, and excitement, indoor Handball gradually pushed the slower field handball into the background. In India, Handball was introduced in the year 1972 in Rohtak, Haryana.

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What are the difficulties you faced as a coach for the Railway National Handball Team? When Handball was introduced in the Railways in 2006 and South Central Railways in 2007, I was the first Indian railway coach for the women's Handball team, and our Team were the champions. Initially, when the Team was formed, there was no proper ground. So we used to take the Team to the state government grounds for practice sessions. In the later years, Handball coaching was laid at the railway grounds, making it easy for us to practice and win more championships. Tell us about the Handball League, and what kind of Government support are you receiving? In 2019 Handball Federation of India has planned for a Handball Premier League with the help of private Sponsors, where 8 premium teams will be played. We planned this tournament to encourage the players and pick talent from the grassroots level and the Awareness of the game among people. However, there isn't any support from the government for the Handball Premier League. What does the future of Indian Handball look like? What is the domestic structure looking like? The Handball game in India is picking up pace as the men, women, and Junior Boys and Girls are participating more in the International tournaments for exposure. Most of the players are also getting job opportunities in departments like Railways, Defence, Steel Plants, Police and Special Forces.