Saving Water and Environment by Substituting POP Ganeshas with Clay Ganeshas

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Ganesh Amarnath Providing Ganesha At Your Home Even After Visarjan

Ganesh Amarnath is the Co-Founder and Director at  Plan A Plant (Padmanjani Planaplant Private Limited). After completing his MBA, he has experience of 10yrs in the HR field with Companies like ICICI, SKS Microfinance, GlobalLogic, POSCO, and other MNCs.  In 2017, he started Plan A Plant along with his life partner Divyanjani Ganesh. Through Plan A Plant, he converted his passion into earning. He strongly believes in learning every day and has come a long way from the start of his journey with Plan A Plant.

Ganesh is also a Certified NLP Master Practitioner from the American Union of NLP and Law of Attraction Practitioner from Global Sciences Foundation.

Ganesh is a nature lover, travel enthusiast, optimist and passionate business entrepreneur

Tell us something about Plan A Plant and when did you start making eco-friendly Ganeshas?

The idea of Plan A Plant started in 2016. Working in the HR field for 10yrs, we always wanted to do a business that was sustainable. We chose to go with the sale of plants and plantscaping as we were passionate about plants and the benefits they bring. After research for 6 months, we started Plan A Plant in JulY 2017 with Plant Ganesh. Ganesh Chaturthi is very dear to us. But looking at the POP idols being dumped in the lakes and dirty water, we wanted to have a solution for this. That is where Plant Ganesh started and it became our launch product in 2017.

As you have mentioned, “Ganesh At Your Home Even After Visarjan”. Tell us about this unique initiative.

Yes, through Plant Ganesh, Ganesh stays with you even after visarjan. Plant Ganesh is a concept where the pure clay Ganesh idol turns to become a veg plant. Plant Ganesh consists of pure clay Ganesh idol which comes along with pot, seeds and healthy soil mix. It is a ready-to-use product and you only need to water the idol after pooja, for visarjan. In 5-7 days it grows to become a plant. No need of adding seeds separately. 

We have done extensive research before getting this product to sale. More than 500 idols were tried to get to the final product as we wanted to give a very easy-to-use ready product. As our motive was to embed seeds into the product, we tried multiple ways. The seeds used to germinate quickly once kept inside the product. We wanted delayed germination without damaging the seeds as the Ganesh idol is kept for 15 days also in some areas. Finally got succeded and now we have this product.

After doing pooja to our dear Ganesh, at the time of visarjan, we need not dump in dirty lakes. We can keep it in our garden and pour water. It will grow into a plant, that way Ganesh is with you always as a plant.

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Are you just providing Ganesha idols or a complete kit that includes pooja items as well? In 2021, we have provided a complimentary mini pooja kit along with Plant Ganesh which has kumkum, turmeric, dhoop sticks, camphor, cotton janeu and sandalwood. Next year we will be refining this product in a better way. Since you make 100 percent clay Ganesha idols, how do you manage to make it strong and sturdy so that it does not crack easily? We had this point in our mind initially, but from the first year itself, we focus on the packaging - internally and externally. We have 3-4 levels of packing - 1 for an idol, 2nd along with pot, 3rd for the product inside the box and final as a study box. We have succeeded in delivering Plant Ganesh across India with 99% breakage free from 2017 and still continuing. We have seen many people shifting towards eco-friendly Ganeshas. How has your demand increased since you started out? Yes, In 2017 there were none and we are the first to come with such a ready-to-use product. From every year, people doing this has gradually increased and awareness started building. Now we see so many people shifting to eco-friendly options and we feel so happy for it as our aim of benefitting nature is gradually taking place. Though we see bigger POP idols still being dumped in lakes, the smaller POP idols being dumped in lakes was not less earlier and it is gradually decreasing. The demand for eco-friendly options has increased multifold and we also see many others coming with similar products in the market. When we see so many coming with our idea and selling eco-friendly Ganesh, we feel so good to bring this into the market and are happy that our legacy is being carried on through many.  Also, getting a patent for our idea and Plant Ganesh product and process is another point that makes us stand out among many models as the original is always original.  However, this change has just started and there is a lot more that we have to do. We aim in zeroing down the usage of POP idols for festivals, getting back to our roots of using clay idols and giving back to the nature divinely.