Solar Chakras Powering Sustainable Fashion

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India’s First Brand Of Solar Vastra – Greenwear Fashion is promoting Zero Effect on the environment and zero-defect in quality

Have you heard of any sustainable fashion brand which uses solar chakras for spinning its yarn, solar looms to weave fabric and solar-powered sewing machines for stitching garments? Greenwear Fashion, founded by Abhishek Pathak, is powered by solar energy to create high-quality yet affordable textiles and garments. These are called “Solar – Vastra”. The startup is based out of Lucknow and provides forward market linkages to solar chakra yarn homespun by rural women in various textile clusters of UP and Bihar. Rural women in their homes spin the yarns; the fabric is woven by traditional weavers or fresh-trained loom operators.

The focus of Greenwear is to create livelihood opportunities for rural women and also reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. The startup is associated with Bhartiya Harit Khadi Gramodaya Sansthan (BHKGS), which has trained close to 3500 rural women across India in spinning yarns on Solar Chakras.

MyStartup Life ! looked at Abhishek’s journey to understand how he build unique social enterprise that inspires microbusiness, especially women. At the same time, introducing sustainable solutions to power traditional home-based looms.

Abhishek started his professional career with a US-based home furnishing brand(which one). Then, he studied Fashion Designing at the National Institute of Fashion and Technology, Delhi, which exposed him to a plethora of fashion designs from the grassroots level. With a passion for Indian Textiles, he started his clothing brand called Prakritii; however, it shut down in 6 months. Then he joined Drishtee Foundation and led their textiles and crafts department.

In 2016 at the Indian International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan, Abhishek saw a solar chakra designed by IIT Delhi and the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization – Wardha. This was the turning point in his life. It inspired him to develop a business model involving solar chakras and employing rural women from across India. Thus, in 2016, Abhishek took the first step in the form of Greenwear on his social entrepreneurship journey.