Beautiful Garden, Zero Stress

Veteran owned IoT Firm Enhancing Urban gardening experience

Automatic watering for plants and balcony garden

Smart Drip is an IoT solution company that enhance urban gardening experience in India.

About the Company

Smartdrip is the first internet of things (IoT) product that fully automates water scheduling and remote operations

The smart solution is an automatic water controller that uses drip irrigation for your home garden, with powerful cloud computing and data analytics. User can control and track watering systems from anywhere in the world on your phone. Smartdrip enhances urban gardening by reducing water consumption and reducing the effort needed for maintaining the gardens.

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Core competence It supports the urban farming and urban gardening movement in India. Benefits
  • The urban lifestyle is so hectic we don't even have time to take care of our plants which are the source of oxygen. Smartdrip is a gadget that will help in Watering the plants at the right time and in the right quantity.
  • Now one does not need to worry about the maintenance of their garden while they are traveling or working with a solution like Smartdrip.
  • Control and Track watering systems through a mobile App.

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