Innovative Applications Are Leading to Adoption of Solar Energy

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Solar power with solar cell on rooftop illustration

In recent years, the number of houses that are powered by solar energy has risen sharply. Many factors contribute to the growing popularity of solar energy. The demand for energy is growing rapidly due to industrialisation and urbanisation. To meet this growing demand, it is important to use new energy sources. Where solar energy fits perfectly. It’s a renewable source. Unlike other energy sources like coal or oil, solar energy, sunlight is non-perishable, which means that we can use the sun’s power as long as the world exists.

Voltaic Systems Off Grid 10 Watt Solar Backpack

This off-grid solar backpack from Voltaic Systems is one of the most popular and efficient backpacks available in the market. The backpack ensures an uninterrupted power supply to devices even when they are not connected to the power grid.

Solar Road: Solar Road is a beautiful bike path founded in North Holland and which is fitted with solar panels. The electricity generated by the solar panels helps power traffic lights and streetlights. Solar Road, which was unveiled in 2014, is part of ‘Dutch’ dream, to have their road surfaces act as sources of green energy.

Solar-Powered Stadiums: Another magnificent solar-powered invention is a sports stadium found in Kaohsiung. Taiwan. The power that this stadium uses comes from some 8,844 solar panels, which are artistically fixed on the roof. Also, it can create enough power to cater to around 80% of the households in its locality.

Artificial Leaf Solar Cell: An artificial Leaf Solar Cell is an invention by researchers from the University of Illinois. This leaf solar cell is a game-changer in the field of solar energy and the environment at large. The battery can efficiently convert carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into user-friendly hydrocarbon fuel, using sunlight as the source of energy.

However, solar energy also has some limitations; although technology has improved, solar energy is still more expensive than conventional energy, the initial cost of installing solar panels is also quite high, various other factors such as the lack of a support system for repairs and the difficulty of replacing them also hampers the large-scale adoption of solar energy systems.