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Book Inside You talks about writing a book and successfully publishing and marketing it. These days, many aspiring writers lack proper guidance. Even if they write their book, they face challenges in publishing. A Book Inside You? It serves as appropriate guidance for writing the book and getting it published, and then marketing it. The book has divided into three parts – Writing, Publishing and Marketing. First, the author talks about writing formats, strategies to write, writing tips. It also touches on dealing with writers’ block, research work for the book, and important points about writing in the writing section. Then, the second part – Publishing, deals with
methods and the process. The third and final part -the marketing deals with the types of marketing, including online platforms. In the end, the appendix part has valuable tips and suggestions for aspiring writers.


Book Inside You is an excellent guide for aspiring writers. It contains a plethora of valuable tips, which are helpful and valuable in all fields. The author has divided the book into three parts, which makes everything go in a flow. The thing I liked the most about the book is the simple writing style with crisp suggestions. The author has explained the topics with great detailing, which will surely help out a newbie in writing. The appendix section is the most exciting part of the book, as it has diagrams, charts, case studies and strategies. The book is wholesome about writing and provides valuable guidance to people in the writing field. However, if the book had some exercises for writers, it could have been better. Overall, the book is a great help for aspiring writers and is undoubtedly an excellent
self-help writing guide.


Guidance to writers, helpful resources, great information.


Only theory, No practical exercises

Author: Danish Sayanee
Genre: Knowledge
Price: Rs.299 (Paperback), Rs.199(Kindle)

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Blurb: Yogesh, a meditation teacher, meets John, a writer, on a train journey. Yogesh decides to narrate a story to John about three friends. The story revolves around the lives of Krish, an entrepreneur, Tony, a school dropout and Asif, a carpet seller. Their lives were going good and settled until one day; they get a prediction about changes in their life. After that, they get stuck in a plane hijack, go to Tibet to meet a friend and end up putting their lives in danger. A Lot more incidents happen to change their outlook towards life, and lessons to be learnt. Each of them ends up in a different place, with various realisations. What were the incidents that affected them so badly? How did three carefree souls become urban monks? Review: The book's plot is an intriguing one, with a subplot on every main character's life. The life of an entrepreneur is well despited; the stress, their experience, and priorities are realistically captured. Through Asif and Tony's lives, the author shows the reality of how our choices, about which we don't think properly, can lead us to some thrills and, at times, devastating results. Each character has a great lesson to offer in the end. Also, the book is fast-paced, and the mystery indeed makes it a page-turner. The author has gone at length to detailing locations where the characters travel during the book's journey. One can certainly live the book while reading it. However, suppose a few selective incidents had been narrated in depth. In that case, the book could have been more engaging for the reader. Overall, the book is an excellent read.       Blurb: The book Hinduism talks about the 5000-year-old journey of Hinduism and its evolution. The book talks about the origin and base of Hinduism. It looks into the origin of the Vedas and Upanishads. Why Vedantic rituals are essential and how they originated. The book is six parts, each covering an aspect of the ancient tradition. Part one talks about early Hinduism, its beginning, Aryans and Vedas, Sanatana Dharma and Sources. Part two covers Vedas, their Constitutes, Yajna, Yajna Rituals. In part three, the author writes about Upanishads, Reforms, Concepts of Life and Death, Isvara, Vedanta.The Part four includes information about Puranas, Bhakti, Vrata, Murti Puja, Worshipping and Rules of Worshipping. Part five discusses Samskaras and its types, Vivah and its types and rules. Caste Factor, Gotra. Part six talks about Rituals, their meanings and Mantras. The book discusses Hinduism in-depth, including its origination, evolution, components, definitions and rules. Review: The book is full of knowledge and Information about Hinduism. The author has explained its history, rituals, rules, significance, and components step by step, making it easier and attractive to read. Each chapter generates curiosity and provides wonderful details. The author's research work is commendable, and the presentation of the Information is simple yet engaging. I liked the book's ease in which everything is explained. The abbreviations and transliterations are given in the book to make the reading experience richer and more engaging. There are many diagrams and charts included in the book for better explanation. Everything about the book is excellent, and it has lots of deep insights into Hinduism. The book's only drawback is that it is lengthy and gets heavy to read at some places. Overall, the book is very informative and helpful.