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Akhil is a hardworking consultant in a company who is doing great professionally. Though he has a thriving career, he is dealing with significant office politics that is creating a rift in his personal and professional life. Teesha is a marketing professional dealing with issues of her past relationship that affect her in many harmful ways.

Rati is Akhil’s sister, a single mother and a freelancer fighting society’s judgments and prefers to remain isolated. Teesha and Akhil are school friends and meet after a long time. With friendship blooming into love, they soon start dating and facing their personal and
professional life issues. Meanwhile, Rati plans to create a mobile application and starts working hard on her dream. Soon, Akhil and Teesha join her and together, they name the app: Lifeline. Will they overcome the scars they have faced?


Relatable story, good character development, perfect showcasing of struggles of entrepreneurs, realistic plot


Might get boring at some places, unnecessary scenes given at a few scenes.

Author: Chetan Maheshwari
Genre: Romance, Entrepreneurship
Price: Rs.225 (Paperback), Rs.110 (Kindle)
Formats available: Kindle, Paperback


The story has a relatable plot, which covers the issues faced by most people, like office politics, social judgement, betrayals and lots more. I liked how the author has provided stories similar to real life, away from unnecessary drama or unrealistic results. The characters in the book have their subplots going on, and still, their stories get connected so beautifully without any confusion. The situation of entrepreneurs and their struggles while formulating an idea, working on it, collecting funds, failures, chances of giving up everything is shown as a reality, and in detail. Though the book is

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an easy read, some phases in the book feel pretty dull and unnecessary. Other than these things, the book is an excellent read for entrepreneurs as well as romance lovers. Blurb:  The story revolves around the lives of Naithy Cherozil, Alice Cherozil, Tony D’souza, Prem Rollands, Arun Rollands and many other characters, connected in the most twisted and thriller ways. Alice is on the run after killing her stepfather, Tony D’- Souza. Her mother, Naithy Cherozil, is in a coma after an accident. Prem Rollands is running by police after taking revenge for his brother Arun’s death. The characters’ lives get connected with ISI, underworld, LTTE and many other organisations. Some characters are out there for a mission, some want revenge, and some want to save their lives. How are the lives of all these different people connected? How do people from a decent background get involved in murders and become suspects for major crimes? Review: First of all, the whole novel will feel like a 90s thriller movie going on, which has significant action scenes and extremely disturbing crimes along with various emotional scenes that will make the reader smile, confused, scared and thrilled. The plot is fascinating, and each chapter has a series of twists and turns. Also, every chapter in the book explains one mystery and then creates another one. The research done by the author is commendable as it gives deep insight into the illegal activities of organisations like ISI, LTTE etc. Every page has something new to read, and the book is undoubtedly a pageturner. There are a few drawbacks, such as too many subplots and characters that make the book confusing and hard to understand. Also, the book has many graphic and disturbing content that might trigger and disturb people. Overall, a wonderful thriller with a great plot and marvellous characterisation.