New York To New You

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Blurb: James Hatman, a successful businessman and a billionaire, recently caused an accident that caused a death, loss in business, and admission in the ICU.

Things were already tough on him, and the media started debating on him, following him everywhere. Finally, Guiltridden James gets advice from his doctor and moves to India to move away from the chaos. Soon, many hashtags start appearing on his name, with the media going crazy to find, where is James Hatman? In India, he meets his Guruji, who teaches him lessons on life, wealth, peace, spirituality etc. This changes James’ life for good. But, what were the lessons that changed a young and successful billionaire?

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Review: The book has a relatable and interesting plot for the readers. It’s true that nowadays, the lives of people are a mess, and everyone is somehow stuck, guilt-ridden, unhappy, depressed, etc. The teachings by Guruji in the book are great solutions for such troubles. The book is written in a conversational way, which is a plus point. Usually, genres like spirituality get boring if they don’t have relatable conversations and topics. I liked the story because it goes with the flow and engagingly teaches various techniques and philosophies. The only thing I found negative in the book is that some scenes and lessons seem to be less explained, and at times, are unclear. Apart from this, I liked the book. Positives: Great Lessons, Conversational, Relatable Negatives: Unclear topics, less explanations