Our Babloo- The Hero of Drass

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Blurb: Our Babloo- The Hero of Drass is a coffee table book written by Aparajita Acharya, a law student and the daughter of Major Padmapani Acharya Maha Vir Chakra. This book also celebrated the 50th Birthday of the hero. It is not just a reader’s book filled with pictures and stories of him right from his childhood.

The book tends to tell the story of a man who started ordinary but ascended to heaven in glory. Divided into various chapters that are landmark turning points in his life, Our Babloo tries to break the one-dimensional view of a hero. While his talents and charms are celebrated, his flaws are not hidden away or justified. The title represents the journey of a man who left the house as the family’s dear Babloo, but came back being the nation’s Hero of Drass.

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Review: The book’s best parts are his letters, right from the ones in his first posting as an officer, to his last. They reflect his growth and transition from an enthusiastic bachelor to an expectant father. His writing is textbook perfect, showing his flair for storytelling. With generous references to the Gita and picturesque description of incidents, the attitude and optimism of this hero show through. The letters are full of concern for his family. Both his letters and stories narrated by his friends, colleagues and seniors are full of heartwarming humour and admiration. Yet, it often makes one wonder, do men like him have a premonition of their destiny and limited time on the planet. Do they subconsciously live their lives to the fullest in every moment and leave an everlasting imprint on their lives. The book ends with an epilogue by the writer sharing her experience in the making this book and, most importantly, her intention behind publishing the story. The book makes the reader feel like acquainting themselves with the hero, championing him through his journey and feeling affected at its end. The book intends to deliver the hero’s story beyond the uniform and dives into the deep sense of what it takes to be a soldier.