Afghan Flavourful Twist To Indian Masaledaar Cuisine

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We Indians are known for our appetite. The Indian cuisine is famous for its spices and flavours. India is known for the variety of it’s cuisine. Now Indian cuisine has got an Afghan twist that will tingle Indian taste buds.

Afghan Food Festival

Afghan food is about the flavours that go in the food. Their food tastes so flavourful as they put in a lot of effort so that even the oil used in cooking has all the flavours mixed in it. There has always been a misbelief that Afghan food is only for non-vegetarians. It came as a surprise that their vegetarian delicacies are equally delicious and flavourful.

Afghanistan’s geographic location on the historical Silk Route contributed to making the region a cradle of cultures from the east to the west. Afghan Cuisine showcases an influence of cultures of different countries like Iran,

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India, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China, The Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, Greece and many more. According to Dharmender Lamba , Chief Chef of Trident hotel, “Afghan food is about the flavours that go in the food” by way of long period of marination and soaking spices in oil. Some of the dishes that best display Afghan cuisine as the rendezvous of various cultures are Afghan Naan, Mantu, Borani and Gosh-e-fil. Who does not know about the very famous and delicious Afghan Naan? Nan-i-Afghani is the national bread of Afghanistan. It is baked in the Afghan version of a tandoor. A dish which originated in the times of the Mongol Empire and is still one of the most important delicacies is Mantu. A cold yogurt based dish, which is typically served as a side dish, is Borani. It is usually served with pulao or Afghan bread. Another famous dish which looks like an elephant's ear is Gosh-e-fil. It is an Afghan fried sweet pastry which is rolled as thin as possible and fried in oil for a very short duration of time. The name originates from the Indian influence of elephants in Afghanistan. Like biryani is to Hyderabad, Palaav is to Afghanistan. The passion with which the people of Afghanistan create their dishes is amazing and can be felt in the taste and flavour of their food. Share your recipes to