SOOORYA’ is derived from the word ‘Surya’which means Sun in Asia.

You are currently viewing SOOORYA’ is derived from the word ‘Surya’which means Sun in Asia.

• SOOORYA’ is derived from the word ‘Surya’ which means Sun in Asia.
• SOOORYA is focused on providing Affordable, Comfortable & Eco-friendly (ACE) Mobility in the Indian subcontinent, the ASEAN region, African Continent, and South America.
• SOOORYA EV – 8 Seater Electric Taxi, built to suit the needs of short-distance “RideSharing” category of app-based taxi-hailing services such as Uber, Ola, Grab, Gojek, etc.

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• For last-mile/first-mile shuttle services connecting fixed points like Metro / Bus stations to office complexes, malls, colleges, hospi tals, and other key congregation points. • And for employee transport, with a minimum carbon footprint. FeaturesAffordable and made for developing markets <15K US$ • Purpose-built for the ride-sharing economy with 8 seats, multi-purpose, Plug & Play. • Zero charging downtime (No range anxiety) with swappable batteries. • Fully electric, with a solar roof for additional mileage at zero fuel cost, ensuring the lowest cost per kilometre/per seat to boost profits. • Modular vehicle to enable franchised production locally in Micro-factories. • This is the Ride-Sharing EV of the future – Utilitarian, Tech-enabled, Multi-purpose.