BMW Unveils New Electric Two-Wheeler

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BMW, a luxury German automotive firm, unveiled its new electric two-wheeler designed for the city. This opens a new chapter for the firm in the electrical two-wheeler space.

“The BMW CE 04 is our new electric star for the city. It combines an e-drive with emotion and motorcycling fun. Just like the CE 04, all future new BMW Motorrad models for urban mobility will be pure electric.”

The new scooter combines transport and communication functions for effortless mobility in the urban environment with its electric drive, forward-looking design and innovative connectivity solutions.

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  • Maximum output of 31 kW (42 hp), with a speed of 120 km/hr.
  • CE 04 can go from 0 to 50 km/h in just 2.6 seconds.
  • Battery cell capacity of 60.6 Ah (8.9 kWh) provides 130 km range.
  • Charing zero to full capacity in about four and half hours.
  • The e-scooter also features a 10.25” TFT colour screen with integrated map navigation.