Foldable Japanese Bike By ICOMA

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Japanese bike manufacturer ICOMA has released a foldable electric motorcycle, naming it as the Tatamel Bike. This Bike can be folded and kept in a small space providing convenient storage. The bike measures 1230mm long, 1000mm, tall and 650mm wide.

The bike has rectangular side panel, which riders can customise with various colours and materials as well as illustrations or specific signage. The contemporary bike’s seat is fitted above the side panel with a flat top, while the handlers extend outward from the front of the motorised two-wheeler.

The bikes are being produced for the masses but no official pricing is out yet.


• Lithium Iron phosphate battery with capacity of 12Ah
• Top speed of 40 km/h
• Roughly 50 km on one charge.
• Internal batteries can charge electronics like cellphones.