Tigoona Making Life Three Times Better For Street Vendors

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The word Tigoona is inspired from the Hindiword Teen Goona or Three times. This electric tricycle is impacting lives of street vendor in three different ways. The micro business professionals now have three times more reach, they can carry three times more weight than before and more safety.

Tigoona was inspired by a street coconut vendor thus, it is “Human centred innovation, designed to improve street retail and last mile connectivity by providing better mobility.” Says Abhijit Bansod, Founder Tigoona.

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This multipurpose tricycle is empowering women street vendors due it its easy of use thus giving them a sense of pride, say Abhijit. Features: > Safe ride to all women vendors without fear of falling or balancing. > Meets the functional requirements of many businesses on the bicycle. > Design instils pride due to its unique, & elegant design. > Safety, Mobility and Comfort. > Has a payload upto 100kgs. > A spacious and customisable display area.