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Playing Sports & Games is probably as old as the human race. What has changed with time is how and where we play it. This generation of gamers, irrespective of age, demography and gender, are hooked to graphic and speed-driven games.

The Indian Armed forces, apart from safeguarding our borders and providing active support to local administrations during
internal emergencies, have also produced national & international Sportspersons.

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Havildar Soman Rana Qualified for Tokyo Paralympics 2021 Havildar Soman Rana, who lost his leg in a mine blast, is among many soldiers who have qualified for Tokyo Paralympics. Indian Army soldier Havaldar Rana who lost his right leg in a mine blast, has qualified in the F-57 category for the Paralympics. Rana is the current world number 2 in seated shot-put para-athlete class. Rana is from Shillong, Meghalaya, and lost his leg while serving in the Indian Army in 2006. After losing his leg, Rana enrolled himself at the Army Paralympic Node in Pune in 2017, where he began his training. Within months, Rana established himself as an excellent para-athlete, representing India all over the world. This year, Rana won the gold medal in Tunis World Para Athletics Grand Prix and two gold medals and one silver at National Athletics Para Championships.