Numerologist Who Owns A Plot on the Moon

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Raajeevvv Bagdii (Rajeev Bagdi) is a owner of Moon Plot. He is founder of “CACH IN NNUMBERS – Life Decoded Through Numbers” & Lifestyle Nourisher He is also reenowned Numerologist, Wellness Practitioner & Business Owner, & Author.

Raajeevvv Bagdii is a renowned Indian Numerologist, Wellness Practitioner, Business Owner and Intellectual Author.

He is practising the ancient science of Numerology for more than three decades, and he also teaches Numerology. His stated mission is to “help one lakh people, transform their lives for the better through his skills” in traditional knowledge & science. He has acquired knowledge in various subjects, including financial markets, alternative medicines, healing methodologies, self-development and self-improvement.

Raajeevvv is the founder of “CACH IN NNUMBERS – Life Decoded Through Numbers”. He has developed “new simple and easy to use tools” like “TIMING YOUR SUCCESS – DAY CHART” & “WEALTH & PROSPERITY ATTRACTORS / DHAN.

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SAMMRUDHII YANTRA" to help people make their lives better, using his research and knowledge of Numerology. Bagdii is on a quest to "help people lead a healthy life with alternative medicines and natural healing methodologies." He has spent years studying Ayurvedic & Herbal medicine and later started a herbal store in Hyderabad named "Lifestyle Nourisher". Raajeevvv owns a plot of land on the moon - that he purchased for $140 from New York-based Lunar Republic Society in 2003. According to Raajeevvv, people should strive to improve themselves in their personal and professional lives no matter what stage of life they are in. To develop a better lifestyle, one should work with knowledge as it is the key to a happy life."