Salvi Family Protecting Indian Heritage & Art for the Past 900 years.

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Salvi Family


Aishwarya Nair

The word Patola is derived from the Sanskrit word “pattakulla”, which means silk fabric. The fabric was a symbol of wealth and faith for King Kumarpal of the Solanki Dynasty in Patan. In the highest regards, the King saw that Patola, as it was believed that the fabric kept the devil and bad health at bay. Since the weaving takes at least six months of rigorous work, the King hired 700 families for Patola weaving. That is how Patan became the hub for this art form between the 11th and 13th centuries.

But over the centuries, highly talented weavers shifted towards other professions. Today, only a handful of weavers remain who possess this intricate craft of double ikat. The Salvi family is one of them, and they have safe-guarded the art for over 900 years.

The Salvi Family is the only family in Patan that weaves patolas from natural dyes like indigo, turmeric, pomegranate skin and marigold flowers. In addition, this family set up Patan Patola Heritage, a museum that showcases the oldest pieces of Patola art form.

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Presently, only ten members of the family, including Bharat and Rohit Salvi, who are the eldest and Savan and Rahul Salvi, who are the youngest, are proudly working towards presenting and promoting this indigenous art form. Savan Salvi, who completed his diploma in Civil Engineering, decided to become a master weaver in Patan Patola art form to carry forward their legacy. Even Rahul Salvi, an architect by profession, did not think twice before quitting his job at his father’s request. The Salvi family only uses natural dyes and pure mulberry silk so that Patola can hold the colour for a longer period. The Salvi family has been honoured with four national awards and twice with the Shilp Guru Titles for promoting this art form. They received support and cooperation from the State and Central Governments. The Salvi family does not have any showroom or outlet. They sell directly to customers via their website or Whatsapp. The average waiting period to receive your Patola is two years!