A multi-talented person who has Art In His Heart.

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Rahul Basak


He is an entrepreneur, an artist, a passionate photographer and a public speaker- in short…

Rahul Basak is the Co-founder and CEO at Amar Canvas®, Co-founder and Chief Editor at My Canvas Talk. He has also been a guest speaker at TEDx, Josh Talk, IITs, NIT, Dev Talk & Other Esteemed Organisations Internationally. Rahul won the Entrepreneurship Conclave & Awards 2020-21 by Bengal Chambers and Commerce Industry for his start-up MY Canvas Talk.

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Q: How did you discover the artist in yourself? While visiting Hong Kong for the famous Hong Kong International Film Festival, I had the opportunity to interact with a few artists, and I could feel a connection, and that is where I realised that I had an artist within me. Q: Tell us, what led to the creation of the Amar Canvas platform? Due to economic dis-balances, the artists are least paid for their work as compared to other professions. While doing research, I found out the actual cause of the problem is that there is a huge gap between the people who buy art and those who createand sell it. I wanted to cover this gap and was lucky enough to create Amar Canvas. This platform is focused on creating life better for Indian artists and artisans. Q You believe that it is vital to evolve and not necessarily perfect. How does this ideology connect to being an artist? So being an artist, one of the fundamental things I have learned is that it is important to evolve, and it is not necessary to be perfect. For instance, I took a photograph in 2019 and at that time I believed it was my best work. But now, in 2021, I feel that I was a child back then and find my art to be childish. So you know when we call ourselves perfect, it's just a lack of knowledge because as we evolve and we gain experience. Q We were quite intrigued by your initiative where every thousand views you plant a tree, and you have already planted 100 such trees. Tell us something about this. I have always been an environmentally conscious person. So I thought that it would be a great initiative to plant one tree for every 1000 views we get. Right now, probably we are the only youtube channel across the globe that are planting trees based on the views we get. I believe as a social entrepreneur it is my responsibility to give back to the people because these people have played a key role in making Amar Canvas and My Canvas Talks what it is today. Q You also set a very ambitious target where you want to bring in one hundred guests from one hundred countries. How do you see these international artists benefiting from Indian artists and vice versa? For my own podcast, Pep Talk with Rahul, I wanted to bring in a hundred speakers from hundred countries. As I have already told you, I believe in learning. I think that the gap between a winner and loser is the process of learning. Through this podcast, we are also trying to look at various perspectives in society and connecting with various worldclass leaders and learning together. Q So what is next for Rahul going five years from now? I want to be happy. I want to build a strong group of companies and expand under the Canvas Group name. I want to introduce new perspectives where people will be able to see global dynamics from a different point of view and start accepting.