Aditya Reddy, Co-founder, Gamepoint

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He started his first venture Gateforum in 2005 along with a school friend.

In 2016, along with his brother, Aditya started a sports venture called Gamepoint.

Aditya Reddy


Aditya Reddy

Journey from Mechanical Engineer to a Sportspreneur

Tell us about your startup Gamepoint?

Gamepoint is a chain of world-class multi-sport centres with quality sports facilities for Badminton, Basketball, Squash, Table Tennis, Football, Swimming, Cricket, etc. For each of these sports, we offer high-quality services under four broad categories.

Learn – Professional coaching for children and adults. It is a structured program conducted by qualified and experienced coaches suitable for beginners to advanced level players.
Play – For adults who want to play for fitness or fun. We have membership programs for regular players and Pay n Play for those who want flexibility.
Compete – We host and conduct tournaments for children and corporates
Gear Up – We have a sports store offering an extensive range of sports equipment for all sports.

Our Company Mission is to Enable Everyone to Have Fun, Stay Fit and Achieve Sporting Excellence by Learning and Playing Sports

Tell us about your journey from an Engineer to an Entrepreneur?

I always had an entrepreneurial bent of mind. So, after completing my BE in Mechanical engineering, I, along with my friends, organised a mock engineering entrance test for students of Hyderabad. It was an interesting experience because it involved a lot of planning, sales and marketing, operations and handling finances. We even ended up making profits on this venture.

During my post-graduation at IIM Calcutta, I was further drawn to entrepreneurship. We participated in several business plan competitions and won a couple of them. Moreover, I was always discussing with friends and family various business ideas.

You used to run an education company before your current venture. So why did you take a plunge from education to sports?

When I was working in Bangalore, I joined hands with a classmate from school. I started my entrepreneurial journey with Gateforum, a
test preparation company training students for the GATE exams. I must say that this journey has been fun, full of learnings and very fulfilling. Along with other co-founders, I was running Gateforum from 2005 to 2016.

We established its presence in more than 50 cities, offering multiple online and offline programs and trained more than 200,000 students across the country. As per a pre-agreed plan with the board of directors, some of the founders decided to move out of management of the company in 2015.

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My brother, Siddharth, and I discussed business ideas for a long time and always wanted to do a venture together. At that time, we played badminton in different places in Hyderabad. Still, we could not find an easy to access, convenient place to play. That is when we felt a need for high-quality sports centers offering multiple services, which eventually resulted in our setting up Gamepoint. Tell us about the "corporate sports events and sporty birthday parties”? Gamepoint offers multiple services to corporations. We organise internal tournaments for staff of the companies in sports such as Badminton, TT, Football, Cricket, etc. For tournaments, we provide end-to-end services, including deciding the tournament format, preparing draws, providing sports equipment, conducting the matches with qualified referees, organising prize distribution, arranging refreshments, physiotherapists and first aid. Apart from tournaments, we offer sports outings for corporate staff where employees can have a fun-filled outing while playing their favourite sports and at the same time have a lot of team bonding. For children, we organise sporty birthday parties, where we conduct fun games for children and their parents. The games are selected based on the age and interest of the children. How has the pandemic affected your sports venture, and what are your plans for expansion? The pandemic and the resultant lockdowns have impacted our sports venture like many other service businesses across the world. We had to close down the Gamepoint centres during the lockdown in the first and second waves. There was a significant financial impact, but we have managed to survive this period with support from our team members, investors and landlords. The business is now looking up, and most of our customers are back to learning and playing sports. We had grown from One center to four centers a few months before the pandemic started and had to pause expansion for a year or so. We are now again looking at expanding the network of Gamepoint centers and our vision is to have 100 centers in the next 5 years. We will be expanding through new greenfield centers, partnering with schools and taking the franchise route for setting up more Gamepoint centres.