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Adv Bini K


Tie Bharath, specialises in solar energy, energy auditing, home theatre, lighting, and electrical design execution. The startup has several prestigious customers like Indian Overseas Bank, J&K bank, etc.

Adv. Bini K from Calicut, Kerala, did her bachelor’s in technology degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering, MBA in Marketing and then Bachelor of Law. Tie Bharat is her family business and has offices at Kochi and Kozhikode. Her family business

Tie Bharath is a modest initiative for vibrant experience in designing energy-related specific services like Solar on the grid and off-grid PV systems for rooftop installations, Energy and safety audit, Energy disputes and electrical services. Its solutions are a “combination of aesthetics and technicality.”

Given the current developments in solar technology, what are the applications of Solar Energy?

There are multiple use such as but not limited to Solar Pump System in agriculture and irrigation and Solar rooftop panels that have diverse applications such as street light, bifacial rooftop for building, courtyard, parking shades, on a solar grid system; the solar solution is the best investment in that sense. Today, solar energy is used to power EV vehicles worldwide daily.

Is Solar Energy Reliable?

Of course, it’s reliable and an alternative to fossil fuel.

Will Solar Power Ever be Viable?

Solar energy will be a viable alternative to fossil fuels within a decade, ahead of coal, hydropower and nuclear power. This sector is being helped by rising prices for fossil fuel.