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Arjun Pratap


Major Sunil Shetty, SM (Retd)

Heading a technology company that connects an individual’s aspiration & personal success with the organisation’s success through technology.

Arjun Pratap is founder & CEO of EDGE. He has also served in tech organisations like SpeedERA Networks and Akamai Technologies. Under his leadership, EdGE raised its Series A funding and has been awarded numerous accolades in HR Tech.

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Q:Tell us about your company? We are a platform that houses solutions that include internal mobility products for the line managers, resource managers, project managers. We step in as a technology company where we connect an individual's aspiration and personal success with the organization's success through technology. Q: How do you assist clients in identifying talent that needs to be re-skilled to fit into their company's requirements? Our product called EDGE Pathfinder; allows employees to identify not only what they're currently good at but what they could potentially be good at based on their aspirations. In addition, we can identify the gaps and identify learning paths through learning experience platforms and learning management systems within the enterprise. We have gone through about 35 million resumes and close to 11 million job descriptions, and we can understand the science of what kind of role, skill combinations are best suited for a specific type of job. As a result, we can submit to an employee how candidates can progress in their careers. Q: So that brings us to the critical question of data security: how do you show your clients that the data you hold is secure? We work hard on compliance and security. Primarily, we have learnt from giants like HCL and Wipro that privacy is critical in terms of the employee. Post-covid, because of everybody working from home, it becomes crucial to manage personally identifiable information across enterprise systems and hence we have to be enterprise-ready. Nobody in today's day and age would deal with a company like ours if we were not compliant and secure. Q: My Startup TV is a platform for startups and businesses like yours. We showcase your stories, the challenges that startups and businesses face. What is your impression of My Startup TV? It is crucial to do what you are doing. You are showcasing the uniqueness in every Startup's journey, which is very endearing to the audience. This medium is helping many people watch and learn, and I think it's a great thing

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