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Q1. What is My Black Rose all about ?

It is a poetic tale about never giving up on life. It is one’s journey from the deepest pits of despair to the blazing warmth of hope. The
book aims to inspire its readers to keep fighting like brave warriors, no matter how adverse the situation is. Holding on to hope will surely guide them back to happier days. It talks about mental health and the process of healing in the form of poetry.

Q2. How did you come up with the title?

I wanted the book to be titled so that the message of the book was loud and clear to the readers. A black rose signifies rarity, uniqueness, power and glory. Some may also think it is a bad omen because of its dark colour, but for me, the beauty of it lies
in its shade. By naming the book My Black Rose, I wanted my readers to know that each one of them is unique and beautiful
despite their countless flaws. Like the black rose, I tried to remind them that they are also a miracle of nature.

Q3. What led you to write a poetry book?

My Black Rose came to me naturally when I felt compelled to write a book on mental health in the form of poetry. I wanted to encompass the journey from deep despair to finding hope and healing again, in verse. My Black Rose was the result.

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Q4. How tough do you think it is to get words on paper that you are unable to share with others? For me, the very purpose of writing is to vent the emotions and thoughts that I cannot express in speech. When you bottle up your feelings within you, they come cascading down on paper, like a weight lifting off your chest. Sometimes, the burden of these unspoken words is so much that you cannot find the right words to describe what you are feeling. Still, if you believe in the process of writing, the words will come to you, not despite, but because of the pain brimming within. Q5. How do activities like writing novels, poetry help people cope up with mental health issues? Writing is a way of release. It is a way of releasing all your bottled up emotions, feelings you can’t express, words you can’t say to others. People with mental health issues often suffer in isolation because they are unable to share their pain with the rest of the world. When these people take up writing as an escape, it helps them cope better by allowing them to vent their suppressed pain and negative emotions on paper. Writing, in short, sets them free from their burdens.