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Guiding about 20000 children on healthy growth and Nutrition

Karishma Kocheraker


Karishma Kocheraker

She is the Founder of Progrowth. Progrowth is an award-winning child awareness program in the health Care Segment established in 2017 – 2018.

The theme for National Nutrition Week is “Feeding Smart Right From The Start” and your startup also focuses on the nutritional requirements of school children. Tell us something about Progrowth.

Progrowth is a vertical that solely takes care of the nutritional needs & immunity assessment of a child. Progrowth developed its own software after considerable data at hand and assessing every child’s physical growth & nutritional intake benchmarking it against the ideal one as per their age. 

The Main Objective to launch Progrowth is to provide the nutritional needs of your child & make the Parents aware of the role nutrition plays in the overall development & wellbeing. We at Progrowth do webinars at Different schools to make Parents aware of the Right Nutrition, the right amount of food the child needs in order to make them fit & healthy.

Since your specialization is in Child Nutrition, what are the main sources of nutrition essential for a child before puberty and after attaining puberty?

Pre-teens & teenagers need a healthy variety of diets during Puberty in order to meet their physiological changes. Having a variety of healthy food from whole grains, pulses, dairy products, meat & fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts & seeds & healthy fats are the main sources. In short, they need to consume a balanced meal from all five groups for optimum nutrition.  Proteins & Calcium play a very important role in terms of muscle & bone development which are lacking in most of the teens as per the analysis on considerable data covered by our team Progrowth.

Omega 3 rich foods mostly from nuts, seeds, salmon, etc are a must for cognitive development. Requirements of iron-rich from vegetable & animal sources.  Girls’ requirements are higher during the menstrual phase. Hence to cover all the nutritional needs they need to have a variety of healthy food from all five groups.  Keep this in mind we launched Progrowth software which eases the task of Parents in providing balanced meals for their children.

How does the diet of a teenager impact their mental health?

Lack of proper Nutrition & more into Junk food can have a huge impact on cognitive health in terms of Poor Concentration & memorization.  Other signs are anxiety, low mood, irritable behavior & poor concentration in terms of studies which is one of the main worries of a parent. Hence having five meals a day including Breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-evening & Early Dinner with proper hydration & 8 hours of sleep is a must.

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How should parents and children stay away from metabolic disorders and obesity without compromising on their taste buds? During their growing age children falls into the trap of more addiction to junk food. The reason behind this is the advertisements of finger-licking foods & the roadside aroma of the street foods make them fond of even more. These unhealthy habits may later lead to obesity & related metabolic disorders which is on the rise of the younger generation. Hence providing a healthy alternative by cooking healthy versions of various meals with ample recipes available will definitely satisfy their taste buds. What unique diet plans do you provide your clients and how do you monitor their progress? Progrowth provides a customized diet plan based on a diet recall given by a parent of a child keeping in mind the food choices, likes & dislikes & giving a healthy alternative to satisfy their taste buds. Progrowth does a complete nutritional analysis of a child, measures it against the ideal intake in total in a day. Parents receive this information in a simple Graphical representation which allows them to identify the area of improvement. The program is unique because Progrowth as a software helps the Parents map their child's physical growth up to the age of 18 years. Progrowth consistently tracks the growth of the child & provides a detailed report every 6 months on the progress. In the coming years our aim is to ensure each & every child under our umbrella to be hale & hearty & does not fall sick.