Solar Energy is the Viable Option To Replace Fossil Fuel

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Chandresh Jain


Chandresh Jain is the CEO & Founder of Bask Energy Systems India since 2016. The startup provides installation of all kind of solar energy systems and supplies it to their clients at competitive rates.

Tell us something about Bask Energy Systems

Bask Energy is a dynamic organisation with its core values focused providing clean and efficient energy to its clients all over the world.

What kind of solar modules do you trade and import?

We trade or import A grade Tier 1 Solar Modules and manufacture domestic content solar modules for our projects which vary from smaller residential areas to Megawatt scale power supplies. We have been transiting with time and technology in the renewable energy sector. Generating sustainable energy through solar modules is always a firm bet for us.

Since the time your startup established, what new innovations can be seen in the solar industry?

Since we started we have seen growth in solar modules capacity in terms of power output and efficiency. Solar based water irrigation systems have been a boon to the agriculture sector which is a backbone to our economy.

EVs are the buzz everywhere, Solar Energy will be able to power EV in the near future which will be a big step towards sustainable living

With the latest update in batteries and their storage capacity we see a whole lot of good coming in for the world and environment. EVs will not only reduce pollution but will change the entire way we look at fuel consumption. We are sure the world will adapt to EVs at the
earliest lifting pressure from regular fuel. In this era we see solar energy as a viable option for charging capacities.