An EduTech Platform Designed For Children of Age Groups

You are currently viewing An EduTech Platform Designed For Children of Age Groups

About Kubic Online

Kubic Online is an EduTech space with a vision to make education affordable and accessible for everyone. It provides quality with

100+ courses
for Kids all age

Core Competence

• Kubic Online focuses on making learning fun.
• Only startup that has 100+ courses for children of all age groups

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What does Kubic Online offer ? The courses offered by the startup can be divided into three sections - Technological, Academic and Proofreading front. Kubic Online focuses on upskilling students. The startup has 10,000 plus users, out of which 3000 are paid users. The startup has started a partner program to create employment opportunities. In addition, Kubic Online is coming up with language classes such as French, German and other in-demand foreign languages. The startup believes in providing hands-on, rigorous training to its users. The platform doesn't charge a registration fee. Benefits to Students Kubic Online offers a Membership Card worth Rs 16,000 for free to students preparing for competitive exams such as JEE Main, NEET and MBA.