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Veteran Create Alternative Sources of Energy Using Agriculture Waste

Lt. Col Monish Ahuja is the founder and Managing Director of PRESPL. He was awarded the coveted Biomass Energy Man of the Year Award.

Punjab Renewable Energy Systems (PRESPL) is a leading Indian company contributing to Biomass Supply Chain Management since 2011. The company created & executed the Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) business model that is one of its kind in the Biomass Sector in the world. As a result, it creates jobs, ensuring financial inclusion while enhancing living standards in rural India.

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Core Competence PRESPL is solving the problem of open field burning of biomass. The key focus is to be involved in the renewable energy sector, create job opportunities for rural youth, and minimise environmental damage. Further, the company arranges loans for potential entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities in the biomass sector. What Does PRESPL Do? PRESPL offers a complete circular economy involving holistic solutions from Agri-waste to generating renewable energy. It is focused on providing impetus to the Government and Industry initiatives in the Clean Energy Sector. They aggregate the Agri residue and process it before supplying it to industries. The company is rapidly making forays into multiple Bio-Energy Sectors, including biogas and biofuels while retaining leadership in India’s Biomass supply chain and management. Their model is helping in increasing farmers income. The firm is also contributing to the conservation of the environment and reduction of pollution. It also creates awareness among the rural population about burning biomass’s health and environmental hazards in open fields. It is contributing towards skill development, entrepreneurship, Swachh Bharat’ in villages, and this, in turn, is creating awareness amongst farmers, rural communities and stakeholders.