Bunavat proudly promotes “Made in India” Products

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Bunavat: Bridge Between Weavers, Craft & Customers

About the Company

Bunavat stands for integrity, authenticity and transparency. Bunavat is a for-profit social enterprise working directly with weavers across the country. Bunavat works with 1000 weavers across 11 states in 36 weaving clusters.

Core Competence

Working with and for the weaving communities is at the core of their work. Bunavat sources directly from the weavers and provides urban women with authentic and fashionable handlooms for all occasions.

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To make this collection of Handcrafted textiles, Bunavat approaches weaving communities across India. They recognise a weaving cluster, which is the key reason that they can proudly say that they are using authentic weaves from expert artists. Benefits The competition is so stiff that impurities are also very common. But the fact that they have identified weaving clusters makes their products authentic. Bunavat conducts skilling workshops in certain weaving clusters for the benefit of the weavers. Bunavat is promoting the concept of products proudly “Made in India”