Holistic Approach to Healthy Mind and Fit Body with Progrowth

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Balanced Nutrition And Growth Approach Under One Umbrella

Karishma Kocharekar
Founder, Progrowth

About the Company

Progrowth is a health-tech startup that solely takes care of a child’s nutritional needs & immunity assessment. Its platform
has big data that helps in assessing child’s physical growth & nutritional intake, benchmarking it against the ideal one as
per their age.

Core Competence

Progrowth is a Nutritional Analysis Program developed by PROFORCE with a vision for the nation’s children to be as good in sports and all terms of health. The startup provides child nutritional needs and brings awareness among parents about nutrition’s role in their children’s overall development & well-being. Also, it conducts webinars at schools to make parents aware of the right nutrition, the right amount of food a child needs to make them fit & healthy.

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Benefits: • Healthy nutrition for children without compromising on their taste buds. • Monitoring nutritional requirements as per diet recall given by the parent. • It helps to fight metabolic disorders & Obesity among children. • Answers the biggest question that pesters every mother-“Is my child eating healthy.