SparUp Sports responding to millennial perceptions by thinking differently

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Nikhil Punde
Founder & Managing
Director, SparUp

About the Startup

SparUp is a comprehensive digital platform for youth athletes and coaches to track, analyse and improve sports performance using data and sports science. The platform provides a process to identify and develop sports talent and creates more transparency
among the key stakeholders such as the parents, coaches, athletes, academy managers and scouts.

Core Competence

SparUp will Track & boost physical activity using Technology. SparUp is an Idea for People who want a sense of control over what’s happening to themselves. It shows the improvements in the ability to capture data in real-time and feeds it back to athletes. They are also contributing to a more engaging fitness experience. Once a person understands the relationship between effort and outcome, the workouts become more meaningful.

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Benefits SparUp helps in Fitness Assessment & Monitoring. It is a holistic and scientific program to measure and enhance your overall fitness for your body and mind. The research and domain experts at SparUp assist sports education institutes in developing content & conduct workshops for coaches, athletes and sports professionals