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Social entrepreneur Takes Madhubani Art online

E-commerce platform for Authentic Madhubani Hand Painted Handloom and Handicraft Products

About the Company

iMithila Handlooms and Handicrafts is a manufacturer of Madhubani paintings & other products since 2015 in Darbhanga, Bihar. Mithila or Madhubani art is the world’s oldest known art form . It is done using fingers, twigs, matchsticks and pen nibs nowadays.

Core Competence

This startup is a designer brand in Madhubani hand-painted Fashion and Indian handicrafts.

It is India’s fastest-growing brand in the Madhubani Painting Product Category iMithila is promoting a traditional art form on modern day products like wall clocks, coasters, bags, cushion covers etc.

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Benefits They focus on bringing smiles to the faces of all internal and external stakeholders. They also believe in touching lives from big metro towns to small villages. In line with their traditional core belief in earth, nature, faith, joy & good luck, they also spend a large sum of their revenue on CSR activities.