Torus Robotics: Building Indigenous & Disruptive Powertrain Technology

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Torus Robotics is one of the first tech startup to be recognised by Startup India- DIIP. It is working on Unmanned Ground Vehicles,
Robotics and Indigenous & Disruptive Powertrain technology for the Defence, Aviation, Automotive & Consumer markets. Torus also
deals with Axial flux motors for both the defence and EV market.

Core Competence

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for Torus is that they use Axial flux motors.

Torus UGV’s powertrain electric incorporates their own power train system with the help of Torus axial flux motors that are extremely
compact, highly resilient to conditions with huge power density.

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Torus Robotics is “India’s First and Youngest Defence Startup” to Indigenously Design, Develop and Deliver India’s Largest Fully Electric Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). It is equipped with six DOF Robotic arms for detection, identification and disposal of life menacing unidentified objects to the Indian Defence. Key Features • UGVs will help the Indian Army for surveillance in High Altitudes and difficult Terrains. • UGVs power train provides 30% more efficiency and range,10% less cost, and 50% compact than other conventional systems. • Torus UGV is operated in two modes, fully autonomous and remotely piloted.