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Storozhuk Liubov
Managing Partner,
Solögat Chamania
Swedish charity fund

“My Startup” takes a serious approach to developing and refining
your business skills , providing a series of substantial articles to help you work and have business. Each edition is devoted to a certain topic, which is revealed through the prism of adequate professional opinions, experience, knowledge.

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Bengt Nilsson Founder & President, Solögat Chamania Swedish charity fund. I like ”My Startup” e-magazine mainly because there is so much content packed into one nicely bound publication. Each issue usually contains several well written cover stories, a few professional editorials, and a synopsis of the technologies, businesses, culture as well and people that have been in the recent spotlight. Sudhanshu Vuppuluri Founder & CEO VSEC ‘My Startup Life’ magazine has excellent content for emerging start-ups to know about the trends in most sectors including funding, collaboration opportunities, and interviews with business leaders. I have known Major Sunil Shetty for 3-4 years; he has also been a good friend and guide in my start-up journey. I wish him & the team a grand success!