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Captain Ameya Kocherakar,

My Startup Life is a unique magazine dedicated to Startups, their journey and their achievements 

The sheer zeal and enthusiasm which the team demonstrates in knowing all angles of Startup journeys make the founders talk a lot and comfortably on many aspects.

Headed by a forces veteran and a serial entrepreneur,  Maj Sunil Shetty, SM, the team demonstrates maturity and understanding of business concepts while covering the stories.

I am sure that this effort of theirs shall be immensely helpful for many startups and founders to exhibit their product/ service and attract the right people/customers/ investors to them.

My Startup TV is one of the unique media houses with a focus on promoting startups.

Be it the TV or Print My Startup is doing a commendable job.

Their efforts are being looked up in many countries outside India & should act as a great boon to startups in promoting the services they provide & also act as an introduction point for interested investors.

Anand Kannan
CEO, Avas Digitech International Pvt Ltd

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Siddharth Deshmukh, Founder, SportsySays My startup Life is a great platform for giving visibility to startups and founders. It’s a difficult journey being an entrepreneur and everyone is doubting you, but a magazine like My Startup Life comes along and speaks to you as a friend without doubting you, is a great booster.