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Rahul Satpute
Founder, Alpha Angels

My Startup Life is an enabler of the Indian Startup
Ecosystem. Indeed, it will play a major role in its
capacity as a new edge media house to encourage
startup founders & entrepreneurs and overall Indian
Startup Ecosystem.

The 10th edition of My Startup Life e-magazine has an interesting mix of facts & quotes from thought leaders
who are active in the digital space as cyber security is the new challenge faced by the millennials. Lot of good research has gone into bringing this issue out and the efforts are laudable..

Pratima Jaidev
Head-Internship & Portfolio Development,
Creative Aspirations
Kamlesh Deepak Umale
Founder, Energy Mobility

The easy part is content creation, but the difficult part is
delivering a lasting experience. My Startup Life is a perfect
example of how stories are shared and appreciated in
quick formats