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This product is amazing and can save a lot of peoples lives.


Glucose Revival believes you should live your best life. The way we help you live your best life is through products that are safe, effective, and easy to use. We just happen to make products for People with Diabetes.

Problem & Solution

Hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar) is the leading cause of emergency room visits per year people with diabetes. Thrive’s glucose gel necklace contains 15 grams of fast-acting glucose, used by EMT’s, active diabetics, athletes, and drivers. We all need that BOOST of energy at times.

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Key Highlights •The blue circle in the necklace is an International Symbol for Diabetes which was adopted in 2006 by the International Diabetes Federation. •The FDA considers the gel to be food. •Shelf life is 3 months (for the gel). Thrive Replenish is 2 years. • Investment: $ 2000 Contact: