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Arjun Pratap, CEO, EDGE

My Startup Life is playing a commendable role in promoting Startups and enlightening entrepreneurs across the spectrum. Their in-depth analysis and insights have helped organisations improve their efficiencies and plan their future wisely. I wish them the best in all their endeavours. Keep up the excellent work.

I felt that the content is pretty inclusive of all kinds of articles and news focusing startups and my experience was really enlightening there.

Arpan Mukherjee, Head of JU E-Cell, Jadavpur University

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Squadron Leader Meena Arora, Life Coach All efforts may not become great success stories. But all efforts need to be appreciated and mentioned highly. We never know from where a person may draw his/her inspiration. So, I always thought that there should have been a platform where startups could be talked about. My My Startup Life is one such dedicated platform. It not only gives visibility to the startups but also inspires others to seek their passion. I'm thankful to the team of My Startup Media for giving me the opportunity to get connected with them through their online shows and magazine.

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